What Our Families Say

"Missy and all the instructors at Dance Connection!   Thank you for a terrific experience.  This was alot of fun and Haley absolutely loved it!  I think all the girls did an outstanding job!  As a mom, I want to say that I think this studio has a wonderful group of girls and their poise, attitudes and composure all weekend was amazing and made us very proud!  The work you do with these girls and what they are learning as individuals and as a team is priceless - so THANK YOU!!   We cannot wait until our next event!!"

Donna H.
"Your studio is the epitome of what dance experience should be for children! Thank you for all your hard work, time, and energy!"

Josie P.
"Thank you for being a great leader and great dance teacher!  We appreciate everything you do!"

Carol S.
"Being new to this world, we do not know much about competitions.  What I do know is how much Ryenne has grown this past year with Dance Connection.  Thank you for doing what you do for the students and families of Dance Connection.  Thank you for caring more about teaching our students than winning awards.  Most importantly, thank you for staying true to yourself and the Dance Connection philosophy, even though you may receive criticism from some.  Knowing that these things are a priority makes it that much easier to entrust my daughter to you and the staff."

Jennifer B.
"My daughter has gone there for several years now. We enjoy the family community there and the patience and skills of the teachers.  We have seen my daughter grow to love dance thanks to this wonder organization."

Lisa C.
"Talented instructors providing proper dance instruction is a rarity these days! Dance Connection exceeds expectations by doing just that while keeping it fun!"

Actors Theatre of Indiana
"Wonderful staff with a huge amount of talent.  They have the whole child in mind!!!  It is not just about technique!!!"

Kathleen H.
"Dance Connection makes you feel like part of a family.  They include you in so much.  I love it so much that I have been there since I was three, and I wouldn't even think about going somewhere else!"

Kirsten B.
"Dance Connection is the real deal.  Teachers who are well trained and care about their students.  Melissa Schott runs a top notch business that has not turned into a 'ratchet' like other dance studios I have experienced in the past.  Whether a child dances as a hobby or professionally, Dance Connection is the place to go!"

Cynthia C.
"Simply, the best teachers. Encouraging and talented!"

Greg G.