A Tap class provides students a fun and energetic environment to learn strong tap fundamentals and technique. Tap is a fantastic base for rhythm, timing and coordination - all skills that can be used in every dance form, as well as sports and other outside activities. Dancers that participate in this program are able to learn skills at a fairly rapid pace - quicker than in Ballet and Jazz, which are subjects strongly based on the placement of the entire body. This is the recommended class for students that are young, are beginners and/or have never studied dance before.

Class Information

All Tap students are required to wear dance attire (i.e. leotard, tights, dance pants) and Tap shoes. Adults may wear comfortable exercise attire, if attending the Adult class. Level IA and IB Tap students are required to wear black, mary jane style Tap shoes. Level II and up Tap students, as well as all male students, are required to wear black, jazz oxford style Tap shoes. No soft, leather soles on shoes. Hair should be pulled back off of the face (i.e. pony tail). No jewelry. No gum.


Age Guideline

Class Level Details

5 - 8 years Entry Level Foundation Tap Class
7 - 9 years Beginner

Previous Foundation Study

9+ years Beginner/Intermediate

Previous Tap I study

10+ years Intermediate/Advanced

Previous Tap II study

18+ Adult Tap/Jazz Class