What Our Families Say

"Dance Connection puts the kids above all else."

Peggy R.
"It is rare to see an Indiana business that actually lives up to its mission statement...the care, concern and inspiration Dance Connection gives to its students far exceeds any cost to attend..."

Bob H.
"Dance Connection is a great dance studio.  Besides teaching dance skills and techniques, they also focus on discipline, confidence, social skills, structure as well as promoting the love of dance.  I have been impressed with this family-operated business for many years and have enrolled my 7 year old daughter.  I'm looking forward to watching my daughter, Mary, as she progresses in dance at Dance Connection through the coming years."

Madonna H.
"The staff at Dance Connection is absolutely awesome and so is the company.  From children to adults, they make all of their students feel like they are an important part of the studio.  Unlike previous dance studios my daughter attended, the classes, costumes, and recitals are very affordable."

Debbie P.
"Cooperation in all areas of the Dance Connection family is what keeps us coming back and proud to be associated with such a wonderful organization. Thank you all."

Kim B.
"Thanks again for always being so helpful with all my questions. :)"

Staci P.
"Brian and I were watching videos last week comparing her last year to this year and we are AMAZED at how much she has grown. She doesn't even look like the same girl dancing. She seems to have matured and is more comfortable expressing herself than we have ever seen. We of course want to give that credit to you and the amazing Dance Connection instructors. You have all been instrumental in building her self confidence and made her feel completely comfortable with who she is and what she can contribute. I cannot wait to continue to watch her grow as a dancer and young lady. So again, THANK YOU for everything you do! Dance has made such a huge difference for Haley and we are so grateful for all the opportunities Haley has been given!"

Donna H.
"Addison dances EVERYWHERE, even in swim lessons waiting her turn she holds the edge, and I recognize some ballet 'barre work' going on under the water! 🙂 I think we found Addison's passion, and I want her to feel supported from us and have a history with dance so when teenage years come along, she has this to help keep her focused and on the right path. Thank you for listening and doing all you do daily for all those girls at Dance Connection."

Wendy K.
"This was my daughter's first year of dance, so we were all new to the recital weekend. The performances were a great success and we're already looking forward to next year! You and all the staff put in a lot of hard work and it showed!"

Renee H.
"Thank you for a wonderful dance year and recital. Look forward to this coming dance school year!"

Gina M.