Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Connection has compiled a list of questions that we’ve received from families just like you. We encourage you to review this list for more information about our program.

The Dance Connection season runs from July of the current year to June of the following year.  Dancing year round helps to prevent review time in the fall and keeps dancers’ technique and bodies in shape for increased progress and advancement.

Dance Connection classes begin in July, and we will accept registration all year. We offer two large performances each season, and all students are encouraged (but not required) to participate. As students near performance time (i.e. Holiday Magic in November and Annual Recital in June), classes will be working on choreography. For higher level courses, it can be more difficult to join a class as it nears these performances. For pre-school and beginner classes, this is easier to do. Costumes are not purchased for holiday performances, which makes it possible to include students that may enroll later in the season. However, costumes are a part of the Annual Recital in June, with payments due in February. Since costumes are then immediately ordered to have in time for the performance, it may not be possible for a student that enrolls after this date to participate in the Annual Recital. Dance Connection cannot guarantee that a costume can be ordered and received in time. If it is possible, an additional shipping fee will be applied. We welcome all students to class, regardless of their intent to perform.

Yes, families are encouraged to take advantage of our free trial class, because we feel this is the best way to see if our program is right for you. If you are new to Dance Connection, you may schedule a free trial class via email or over the phone. We will provide you with a recommended class, which will help you feel confident in your decision to join our program.

We understand that students become ill, have a school activity or need to attend a family commitment that may prevent them from coming to class. We offer an easy make-up program that enables your child to participate in another class. For make-up information, please speak to the office.

Dance Connection offers a convenient, flat monthly rate. We will never charge you more for a month that may have five classes, so we cannot pro-rate for a month that may have only three classes. It all averages out over the season and makes it easier for your family to budget each month.

Dance Connection does not offer weekly viewing in classes. We have found that it becomes a distraction for students in the classroom when they have visitors. Students should learn to work one-on-one with their teacher, in an environment that not only stresses focus, discipline and education, but one that allows each student to feel confident and free to express themselves. Our goal is to offer a classroom that is most conducive to learning, so that every child can achieve success. Our Lil’ Steppers program, for a limited time at the beginning of your enrollment, does allow for one parent to be present in the classroom. However, it is important for parents to understand that the goal is to have the children participating in class on their own. With help from the parents, teachers are able to accomplish this goal after several weeks.

There is a $25.00 per family registration fee. As long as you remain enrolled at Dance Connection, you will only pay one registration fee – it is not processed annually. Should you choose to withdraw from Dance Connection for any reason, to re-enroll, you will be responsible for a new registration fee.

When a student withdraws from a class, the class position is immediately available to the public (or a student on a class wait list). Dropping class runs the risk that you will not be able to return to the same class when you’re ready, and Dance Connection cannot hold a class position for you. If you are worried about your child incurring absences, you may take advantage of our easy make-up program. If you do decide to withdraw, a new registration fee will apply when you return.

Dance Connection bills tuition each month, so there is no obligation to continue through the duration of the term; however, should you choose to withdraw from classes for any reason, notification must be received in writing at the Dance Connection office before the 1st of the month. If notification is not received in writing before the 1st of the month, tuition will be processed and a refund will not be issued. All tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month by automatic withdrawal via credit card or bank account.

Yes, we offer the competition experience as part of our performing arts companies. The performing arts companies hold auditions in the summer, and team members experience a season of unique performance opportunities, including competitions, workshops and shows. If you are interested in such an opportunity for your child, please speak to the office for more information.

Dance Connection offers a referral program to existing families, which can help offset tuition. If you refer a friend, please make sure that they put your name on their registration information. Please speak to the office for more information.

Every family has the ability to access their personal account 24/7, which can provide you with class details and the option to make payments on your account. You may access your customer portal by clicking on “Check My Account” located at the bottom of any page on the website.