Ballet study is a very disciplined art, and requires students to be focused and attentive in the classroom environment. Much detail is placed on the body, as accurate placement is a necessity for this form of dance. Because of Ballet's intensity in the areas of body placement (back, shoulders, arms, abdominal muscles, hips, legs, etc.), it is truly the foundation for all studies of dance. Strength is built differently by each student, and occurs over a period of time. Dancers will not receive immediate gratification, but those who work diligently will achieve success over their course of study. It is a recommended class for all dancers and anyone wishing to become more graceful, more poised and more coordinated. This is also an excellent class for budding athletes and/or gymnasts who wish to have an edge over the competition.

Class Information

All Ballet students are required to wear a black leotard, pink tights and pink Ballet slippers. Male Ballet students are required to wear a white tee or tank, black dance pants or tights, and black Ballet slippers. Adults may wear comfortable exercise attire, if attending the Adult class. Split-sole slippers are required for Level III and up. Hair should be in a bun. No jewelry. No gum.


Age Guideline

Class Level Details

5 - 9 years Beginner
7 - 9 years Beginner

Previous Ballet IA study

7 - 10 years Beginner

Previous Ballet IB study

7 - 12 years Beginner/Intermediate

Previous Ballet IB study

10+ years Intermediate

Previous Ballet II study

11+ years Intermediate/Advanced - Pre-Pointe Class

Technique ONLY

Teacher Approval

Previous Ballet III study

Additional Ballet Class Required

11+ years Ballet DC PAC Team

Teacher Approval

Additional Ballet IV Class Required

14+ years Ballet P3 Team - Pointe

Teacher Approval

Additional Ballet IV Class Required